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acquisition  and reorganization are among the core businesses of the firm, and they  enjoy dominant industry positions in such business field. the firm’s  acquisition and reorganization business team is composed of personnel  with professional backgrounds in qualification for lawyers,  qualification for accountants, qualification for tax agents and  enterprise management. they are familiar with laws, regulations,  technology and business features related to acquisition and  reorganization. with rich practice experience, profound understanding of  applicable and regulatory environment of china’s  laws as well as integrated knowledge about tax and financial affairs,  they are able to design and plan appropriate acquisition or  reorganization plans which meet the customers’ business objectives and  to provide professional and complete legal services in terms of  acquisition and reorganization for customers.

in  the process of long-term practice, the firm’s lawyers have established  good working relationships with numerous domestic and overseas financial  institutions, accountant firms, appraisal institutes and other  intermediary organs in terms of communication and cooperation. the firm  can organize an expert adviser team of relevant profession or industry  to provide advisory services for customers according to their  requirements for acquisition and reorganization services.

the acquisition and reorganization services that the firm has provided involve value of assets of over rmb 60 billion.

we provide the following legal services:

o  consulting about industry access policies

o  legal due diligence investigation

o  design of transaction plans

o  design of investment and financing plans

o  tax planning

o  special treatment plans for intellectual property

o  special treatment plans for labor relationships

o  special treatment plans for non-performing assets, creditor’s rights and debts

o  treatment plans for debt-to-equity swap

o  examination, drafting, negotiation and compilation of transaction documents

o  issuing of legal advice in accordance with requirements of customers or regulatory bodies

o  provision of assistance in completing examination and approval by government departments

o  provision of assistance in transaction execution and later integration

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