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corporate  governance is one of the important businesses of the firm and is an  important system guarantee for sustainable development of large and  medium enterprises. the firm can provide complete solutions to corporate  governance and compliance for enterprises; constantly manage and  control related legal risks for enterprises in an institutionalization  mode; and provide a stable and predictable legal risk environment for  realization of the enterprises’ strategic objectives.

the  firm’s lawyers pay sustained attention to relevant theoretical research  on and practical application of corporate governance and maintain good  business cooperation with relevant corporate governance research  institutions and experts.

the  firm’s lawyers have provided complete and effective solutions to  corporate governance and compliance for part of listed companies as well  as large and medium enterprises.

we provide the following legal services:

o  governance structure design of shareholders’ meeting/ board of shareholders, board of directors and board of supervisors

o  constitution, functions and execution procedure of relevant professional committees

o  relevant  articles of association, rules of order, guidelines on corporate  governance, codes of conduct and other plans, policies and procedures  related to corporate governance

o  information disclosure requirements related to corporate governance

o  design of self-evaluation system related to corporate governance

o  duties and obligations of directors, supervisors, management level and relevant personnel

o  non-competition system

o  related transaction system

o  dimission management system

o  anti-m&a system

o  provision  of advisory services in term of reimbursement mechanism for company’s  management level as well as compliance and observance of company’s  customers

o  director responsibility system during company’s change of control

o  change and handover of management level

o  internal control investigation

o  corporate crisis management

o  special governance of family business

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