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our agricultural and rural lawyer team has rich business experience, which can provide professional legal services for the approval, investment, development, operation, financing and transaction of agricultural industrialization, ensure the legality and safety of investment and transaction, and promote rural revitalization.

agricultural industrialization is market-oriented, economic efficiency centered, leading industries and products focused, optimizing the combination of various factors of production, implementing regional layout, specialized production, large-scale construction, serial processing, social services and enterprise management, forming an integrated management system of planting, breeding, processing, production, supply and marketing, trade, industry and agriculture, agriculture, industry and commerce, and agricultural science and education, so as to promote agricultural industrialization it is a modern management mode and industrial organization form that embarks on the benign development track of self-development, self accumulation, self-restraint and self-regulation. in essence, it refers to the process of technological transformation of traditional agriculture, promoting the progress of agricultural science and technology, enhancing agricultural economic benefits and promoting rural revitalization.

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