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mezzanine  capital is the capital form of income and risk between enterprise debt  capital and equity capital, which is the risk capital of long-term  unsecured credit essentially. subordinated debt with convertibility,  convertible debt, redeemable preferred equity and its composite mode are  the common types of mezzanine capital.

the  investment and financing lawyers of our firm can design targeted  mezzanine financing plan for clients in accordance with chinese laws,  policies and business environment to solve the legal matters about  financing difficulty in a creative way.

we provide legal services as below:

o  legal due diligence investigation

o  design and verification of mezzanine capital plan

o  relevant tax planning

o  drafting, examination and alteration of relevant legal documents

o  business negotiation

o  issuance of legal opinion

o  relevant approval and registration

o  settlement of disputes

o  other legal services about merger and acquisition financing

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