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the  financial lawyer team of our firm can provide perfect financial legal  services for financial and other relevant institutes. we aim at  financial institutes like commercial banks, joint venture banks,  joint-stock banks, policy banks, trust companies, assets management  companies, finance companies, security companies, fund companies,  futures companies, insurance companies, loan companies, credit  companies, guarantee companies and leasing companies.

we provide legal services as below:

o  legal due diligence investigation

o  business compliance investigation

o  drafting, alteration and examination of standard business documents

o  risk control and system establishment

o  participation in the research of financial innovation subject

o  issuance of financial bonds and bills

o  structured finance

o  disposal of non-performing assets, debt restructuring and assets restructuring

o  letter of credit, letter of guarantee and factoring business

o  establishment, operation, investment and financing, merger, restructuring, reforming, reorganization, bankruptcy and liquidity

o  merger and acquisition loan

o  financial special business

o  capital attraction project of chinese banks

o  establishment and localization of foreign banks

o  syndicated loan

o  mediation and litigation of financial legal dispute

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