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the  lawyers of our firm are familiar with chinese laws, policies and  relevant business environment, so they can identify relevant legal risks  comprehensively and deeply and know well the whole process of project  financing and risk control measures of all links. additionally, they are  able to understand deeply the concern and demand of different clients  depending on substantial business experience. therefore, we can provide  targeted and innovative solutions for clients. our firm has handled  dozens of legal service business of project financing successfully, and  the financing amount that clients obtained with our assistance has  accumulated to more than rmb 3.2 billion involving general assets of  over rmb 8 billion, thus we have obtained good evaluation from clients.

we provide legal services as below:

o  financing channel

o  energy project financing

o  infrastructure project financing

o  real estate financing

o  tourism project financing

o  hotel project financing

o  financing of airplane and ship projects

o  financing of subway, railway and highway projects

o  assets project financing

o  marine project financing

o  resource project financing

o  environmental protection project financing

o  finance lease

o  leverage lease

o  sale-leaseback

o  sale and repurchase

o  sale-leaseback

o  legal due diligence investigation of project

o  design and verification of overall project plan/business plan

o  financing plan

o  insurance plan

o  guarantee plan

o  insurance plan

o  drafting,  examination and alteration of legal documents like relevant agreements,  rules, regulations, standard business documents and internal files

o  business negotiation

o  issuance of legal opinion

o  establishment of project company

o  preferential tax policies

o  foreign exchange control

o  relevant approval and registration

o  government coordination

o  other services about project financing

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