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defense lawyers can communicate with procuratorial organs and apply for procuratorial organs not to approve the arrest of criminal suspects.

a criminal suspect is a minor offender and has no other major criminal suspects. if he has one of the following circumstances, he may make a decision not to approve arrest or not to arrest: (1) he is a preparatory offender, a discontinued offender, or defends himself too much. he (two) a minor offender with lesser subjective malignance, an accomplice in a joint crime, an accessory offender, a self confession after committing a crime, and a meritorious service list. (three) the criminal suspect who has committed a crime of negligence has the performance of repentance after committing a crime, effectively controlling the loss or actively making compensation for the loss; (four) the suspect and the victim have reached a settlement agreement in accordance with the relevant provisions of the criminal procedure law. after examination, they consider that the reconciliation is voluntary, lawful and has been fulfilled or provided. a guaranty; (five) a criminal suspect pleaded guilty or punished; (six) a criminal suspect is a minor or a student who has reached the age of fourteen who is under the age of eighteen or has a crime of repentance. his family, school or community, residents' committee and villagers' committee have the conditions of guardianship and help and education; (seven) the suspect is a person who has reached the age of seventy-five.

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