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liu zhongzhou
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master of law in wuhan university, cet-6

with  the compound background of both engineering and law, liu mainly engages  in investment and financing, securities, intellectual property,  construction, real estate, mineral resources and other foreign-related  legal services. he has successfully handled the mergers and acquisitions  of listed companies, the restructuring and listing of corporation, new  three board listing, corporate restructuring, bankruptcy and  liquidation, investment and financing, construction, engineering, real  estate and other major special legal services. he can also deal with  large foreign-related cases and coordinate the relationship between  banks, trust, securities, funds, finance, accounting, audit, evaluation,  credit rating, financing sources and other agencies skillfully. he is  also familiar with government-related procedures and can provide  complete solution for clients.

the  projects of the listed / to be listed companies that he has served  include: the merger, reorganization, bankruptcy reorganization,  liquidation of tianfa petroleum corporation; the merger, restructuring,  bankruptcy reorganization, liquidation of tianyi science and technology  co.; the reorganization, restructuring and listing of china railway  construction corporation limited; the capital increase, mergers and  acquisitions, restructuring of china yangtze power co.; the mergers and  acquisitions, reorganization, restructuring, backdoor listing of hubei  energy group co. ltd.; the restructuring, listing of hubei huitian  natural rubber industry co.; the reorganization, restructuring to be  listed of wuhan zhongbo biochemical co., ltd.; the liquidation of wuhan  zhongbo bio-tech co., ltd. ; the dissolution and liquidation of a joint  venture in the east lake development zone.

he  used to provide high-qualified legal services of real estate for a  hubei provincial authority, a provincial institution and a real estate  development company of a state-owned enterprises directly under the  central government. those cases involved:  the co-development of real  estate of the agency workers’ residence, real estate development  financing, land cooperation development, real estate equity trust  financing, commercial real estate construction project financing and  other special legal services.

working languages: chinese, english