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wang yanqiong-大玩家网站

email:[email protected]

bachelor of law of zhongnan university of economics and law, cet-6  

wang  has polished her competency in dealing with these fields: construction,  infrastructure construction, real estate development, project  financing, bt/bot, project acquisitions, etc. she has abundant working  experiences in the legal department of a state-owned enterprises  directly under the central government and her clients include: bt  project of the wuhan second link, 3200 m3 blast furnace engineering of handan steel (group) corp., the bof steel large bar works  of jiangsu huai steel group co., the building engineering of beijing  kangsheng, the systematic engineering of the scrap dealing station of  wuhan iron and steel (group) corp., the phase iii expansion project of  huaneng yueyang power corp., the project of shanxi haixin iron and steel  (group) corp., the construction of turnkey projects of sanyi changde  industrial park, the project of wuhan nanhai linkong industrial park and  corresponding legal disputes.

 working languages: chinese, english